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[Includes Both Printed and On-Line Check Lists]


All species in the below check lists are documented with collected voucher specimens.


Currently many of our check lists are only available on-line, although our plans are to publish all of these in print in the North American Journal of Lepidoptera Biodiversity or another source. We use our web site to provide pdfs of published checklists, provide on-line updates to published check lists, and make available some check lists which have not yet been published in print.  Follow this link to see what check lists have been published in available NAJLB volumes. For modifications of our on-line check lists subsequent to 2015 we will provide an archive of the previous versions as well as the most recent version. 


*=Published In Print

On-Line Only Check Lists are copyright Lepidoptera Biodiversity LLC


[BI]=Biodiversity Inventory Check List (A list of species for a site or region derived from surveys at different times of the year).

[BB]=Biodiversity Blitz Check List (A list of species including detailed collection data for individual specimens (date, specific locality within a site (usually with GPS coordinates), survey method, and habitat).  Our Lepidoptera biodiversity blitzes involve an attempt to document all Lepidoptera species encountered (in targeted families) at the survey stations deployed at a given locality on a given date.


Check Lists Are Arranged Alphabetically By State And Then Locality




*Splinter Hill Bog Preserve (The Nature Conservancy) (Baldwin County) [BB]



Didasys belae 20 Sep 97 Heliothis turbatus 31 March 00 KOP Acronicta perblanda 29 Apr 05 Hyperstrotia 18 Sep 03 AEI

Unknown Noctuid 22 May 05 ASP Cisthene new species 23 May 05 Tripudia species 1 May 07 BVLOgdoconta near tacna 26 April 06






Northern Florida Regional Check List [BI]


Multiple Localities


*47 North Florida Localities (with analysis of habitat and phenology)


Specific Localities


American Entomological Institute Property (Alachua County, FL) [BI]


Blackwater River State Forest (Okaloosa & Santa Rosa Counties) [BB]


University of Florida Katharine Ordway Preserve (Putnam County, FL) [BI/BB]


University of Florida Natural Area Teaching Lab [BI]




Twin Swamps Nature Preserve (Posey County) [BB]




Kingdom Come State Park (Harlan & Letcher Counties) [BB]




Tombigbee State Park (Lee County) [BB]




Luther, Oklahoma including Rustic Acres Road (Oklahoma County, Oklahoma) [BB]




Atlanta State Park (Cass County) [BB]


Pedernales Falls State Park (Blanco County) [BB]


Roy Larsen Sandylands Preserve (Hardin County) [BB]




Montgomery County (Jefferson National Forest & Other Localities) [BB]



Cerma cora complex 17 may 2011 swl Lithophane near tepida 18 Sept. 1995 Nola 27 May 93 MHNC






Wisconsin (State Check List) [BI]


Outagamie County (Wisconsin) [BI]


Butterflies of Outagamie County, Wisconsin [BI]


Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest (Southeast Wisconsin) [BI]


Specific Localities


Dunbar Barrens (Marinette County, Wisconsin) [BI/BB]


Fallen Timbers Environmental Center (Outagamie County, Wisconsin) [BI]


Kettle Moraine Fen & Low Prairie (Waukesha County) [BB]


Mosquito Hill Nature Center (Outagamie County, Wisconsin) [BI]


Schmeeckle Reserve (Portage County, Wisconsin) [BI]


Swamp Lover's Preserve (Dane County) [BB]


Namekogan Barrens (Burnett County) [BI/BB]






























































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