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Contributions to a Check List of the Lepidoptera of Wisconsin

(Macrolepidoptera Families: Thyatiridae, Drepanidae, Geometridae, Epiplemidae, Hesperiidae, Papilionidae, Pieridae, Lycaenidae, Riodinidae, Nymphalidae, Mimallonidae, Lasiocampidae, Apatelodidae, Saturniidae, Sphingidae, Notodontidae, and Noctuidae; also including: Hepialidae, Cossidae, Attevidae, Yponomeutidae, Zygaenidae, Limacodidae, and Thyrididae)


By Hugo L. Kons Jr., Robert J. Borth, and Thomas S. Barina


Posted on the Web 24 August 2007


NOTE: This site is updated periodically; Most Recent Update: January 2014


Note: While this check list does not contain detailed information for the included species, an upcoming volume of the North American Journal of Lepidoptera Biodiversity will present specific collection localities for the species on this list, phenology data reported for five day intervals for different sections of the state, habitat data and analysis, hypotheses of habitat dependency for many of the included species, and other information and analyses. To receive an e-mail notification when this volume becomes available, contact the senior author at


Abstract: We list 1388 Macrolepidoptera species we can verify from Wisconsin, including 1346 species that we have collected during our WI Lepidoptera surveys and 42 additional species that we have examined in other collections. We list an additional 69 Macrolepidoptera species reported from WI in the literature for which we have not examined voucher specimens, for a total of 1457 Macrolepidoptera species. We list 26 additional species we have documented in the families Hepailidae, Cossidae, Attevidae, Yponomeutidae, Zygaenidae, Limacodidae, and Thyrididae.


Introduction: Our WI study sites include 40 localities where we have recorded at least 100 Macrolepidoptera species and 73 minor study sites where we have documented less than 100 Macrolepidoptera species. Our best sampled sites, where we have documented over 375 Macrolepidoptera species per site, collectively include the major biogeographical regions of WI (except for the Lake Superior Lowlands, which we have sparsely investigated) and the following habitat types: hydric deciduous forest (inland and floodplain), mesic deciduous forest, deciduous-conifer forest, oak-pine forest, oak-pine barrens, xeric prairie, oak openings, mesic prairie, wet prairie, sedge meadow, shrubby wetland, calcareous fen, open bog, forested bog, old field, and urban yard. Three localities in Outagamie County have been surveyed on numerous dates over multiple years representing the entire WI field season: Mosquito Hill Nature Center (783 Macrolepidoptera species recorded), Fallen Timbers Environmental Center (642 Macrolepidoptera species recorded), and an urban yard on Summer Street in Appleton (521 Macrolepidoptera species recorded). We hypothesize the Macrolepidoptera species check lists obtained for these localities include all resident species for the Appleton yard, and the vast majority of resident species for the other two sites. Other major WI study sites, with the minimum number of Macrolepidoptera species recorded given in parentheses, include the vicinity of the Dunbar Barrens in Marinette Co. (703), the vicinity of the Namekogan Barrens in Burnett Co. (520), Armstrong Creek Bog in Forest Co. (494), Schmeeckle Reserve in Portage Co. (427), Emmons Creek Public Hunting Area in Portage Co. (533), the Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest in southeast WI (739), Muralt Bluff in Green Co. (436), and Nelson Dewey State Park in Grant Co. (378). Our longest species list for a Wisconsin County is for Outagamie County, where HLK has compiled a list of 905 Macrolepidoptera species.


A portion of our survey data has been presented in numerous unpublished reports distributed to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and various Lepidopterists. We are in the process of synthesizing this data for an upcoming volume of the North American Journal of Lepidoptera Biodiversity. As of this writing, we have computerized data in Microsoft Excel spread sheets for over 73,000 Lepidoptera specimens we have personally collected in Wisconsin. The sizable majority of these specimens were collected during our period of greatest survey effort from 1992-1995.  Numerous additional records are recorded in notebooks, but were lost from the electronic database due to theft of a computer and backup drives.


A significant portion of our Wisconsin survey effort was devoted to lands where conservation was a defined management objective, including Mosquito Hill Nature Center, Fallen Timbers Environmental Center, Schmeeckle Reserve, numerous Wisconsin State Natural Areas, and several other conservation lands. Surveys of such lands are especially important, because in the absence of historical and current survey data it is impossible to evaluate if these ecosystems are being preserved. We conducted research on WI State Natural Areas under permits issued by the WI D.N.R., but tragically we had to discontinue this research after 1995 when new regulations instated by the D.N.R. made continuation of this research in compliance with permit restrictions impossible.


Methods: Our surveys were conducted with MV sheets, UV sheets, UV traps, type P and F bait traps, bait trails, tapping (limited), and diurnal collecting with nets and jars. Follow this link for illustrations and a discussion of these survey methods. Most of our WI inventory work has focused on our own survey work as opposed to inventories of other collections. Collections we have examined for additional WI species records include the Milwaukee Public Museum, National Museum of Natural History, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point collection, and some of the James C. Parkinson collection. Kons and Borth most recently visited the MPM in 2006, and we looked through much of the Macrolepidoptera collection but did not get through some of the Noctuidae or any of the Geometridae. HLK looked through the Noctuid collection at the NMNH in 1998 and recorded data for all WI Noctuid specimens in the main collection except for Catocala (housed in a separate facility), Arctiinae, and Lymantriinae. HLK inventoried the Stevens Point collection as an undergraduate (1992-1996). Between 1997 and 2000 HLK looked through the Florida State Collection of Arthropods for WI specimens, but no additional WI species were found, although a WI specimen of Catocala angusi was recently examined in the McGuire Center (where the FSCA Lepidoptera are now housed). There are a number of additional private and institutional collections with substantial holdings of WI material that we have not examined for WI Lepidoptera records. Thus, our check list should not be viewed as a comprehensive list of all species that have been collected in the state.


Voucher Specimens: Voucher specimens of each species we report from our WI surveys are currently housed in the personal research collections of one or more of the authors. We have also made extensive donations of WI material to the Milwaukee Public Museum. The senior author has identified or verified specimens of all of the species we list from WI with the exception of some Eupithecia (determined by George Balogh), and of course the literature records at the end of our check list. The senior author accepts full responsibility for all determinations on this list, excluding the literature records.


Classification: The classification of the Noctuoidea has been highly unstable in recent years, with a variety of alternative classifications proposed, whereas most family and subfamily concepts for the remaining Macrolepidoptera have been stable since the Hodges et al. (1983) check list. Our philosophy is to adopt a natural classification to the extent possible from current evidence, but within the context of a natural classification preserve nomenclatural stability to the extent possible.  Thus, we adopt only changes necessary to correct errors, and reject unnecessary changes to valid taxonomic concepts.


In recent years extensive improvements have been made to our understanding of Noctuoidea phylogeny via a series of papers with molecular phylogenetic analyses: Mitchell et al. (2006), and Zahiri et al. (2011, 2012a, 2012b, and 2013).  Morphological evidence is harder to evaluate due to a lack of character coding, data matrices, and reproducible analyses. 


Deviations from the family and subfamily classification of Hodges et al. (1983) that we adopt include the following.  Danainae and Satyrinae are placed as subfamilies of Nymphalidae following (Harvey 1991).  Other family and subfamily changes are in the Noctuoidea, and discussed below.


We include the Arctiinae and Lymantriinae as subfamilies of Noctuidae (rather than their former status as separate families) based on the phylogenetic analyses of Mitchell et al. (2006) and Zahiri et al. (2011, 2012a, 2012b, and 2013).  Evidence that the Lymantriinae and Arctiinae are embedded within the quadrifine Noctuidae lineage is independently supported by multiple nuclear genes, with no evidence to the contrary.


Sarrothripinae is split into Risobinae and Chloephorinae based on Zahiri et al. (2012a, 2012b).  Within the trifine Noctuidae, Bagisarinae includes the genera Bagisara/Xanthodes and Amyna based Zahiri et al. (2013).  Cerma & Comochara are moved to Acronictinae based on Zahiri et al. (2013).  Raphiinae is split from Pantheinae based on Zahiri et al. (2013). Psaphidinae follows Poole (1995) but excludes Azenia based on the results of Mitchell et al. (2006).  Most of Poole's (1995) remaining changes for the classification of the trifine Noctuidae are incorporated, including the subfamily concepts for Plusiinae, Acontiinae, Eustrotiinae (in part), Condicinae, Amphipyrinae (excluding Phosphila), Stiriinae, Eriopinae, Psaphidinae, Cucullinae, Oncocnemidinae, and Noctuinae.  While many Nearctic trifine genera have yet to be included in a phylogenetic analysis, the molecular analyses of Mitchell et al. (2006) and/or Zahiri et al. (2013) are consistent with numerous changes to trifine Noctuid classification proposed in Poole (1995).  Within the trifine subfamilies, we list taxa in the order of the Hodges et al. (1983) check list. Wisconsin Trifine genera that cannot reliably be placed into any subfamily at present include Hyperstrotia, Tripudia, Oruza, and Amolita.


Classification of some of the quadrifine Noctuidae (taxa Hodges et al. (1983) placed in the subfamilies Hypeninae, Hypenodinae, Rivulinae, and Catocalinae (now Erebinae)) is problematic, although Herminiinae (as sampled thus far) forms a supported natural group.  Zahiri et al. (2012a) shows there are major errors in the Hodges et al. (1983) check list classification (and subsequent classifications proposed without phylogenetic analysis) for the remaining subfamilies, but there is not enough generic sampling to reclassify all of the Nearctic genera into a stable natural classification.  Most of the genera included in Zahiri (2012a) are positioned in a supported subfamily clade, although many relationships between and within the subfamilies are unsupported.  Most of the quadrifine genera can be listed in the same order as the Hodges et al. (1983) check list, but placed into a different subfamily arrangement reflecting the natural groups.  Therefore, we list the quadrifine Noctuidae in a similar order to the Hodges et al. (1983) check list, but follow the subfamily classification of Zahiri et al. (2012a), the most comprehensive phylogenetic analysis of the quadrifine Noctuids to date.  The subfamily is unknown for a number of primitive quadrifine genera not sampled by Zahiri et al. (2012a).


The molecular phylogenies of Mitchell et al. (2006) and Zahiri et al. (2011, 2012a, 2012b, 2013) all support the traditional concept of Noctuidae as a natural group after Arctiinae and Lymantriinae are placed within it.  Therefore, we do not split Noctuidae into multiple families.  This would not only create massive nomenclatural instability unnecessary to fix any errors in the existing classification, but also create families that are unidentifiable from morphology and can only be delimited by multiple nuclear genes.  We are aware of no proposed justification for splitting up Noctuidae, other than some workers feel the family is too large.  However, this subjective criterion is not included in our philosophy of classification, because it is needlessly detrimental to the nomenclatural stability and operationality of classifications.  If a monophyletic family can be split up because someone feels it is too big, stable classification is unacheivable even if natural relationships are completely understood. 


Many changes to generic classification have been proposed since the Hodges et al. (1983) check list, but many of these are not supported by any kind of phylogenetic analysis.  The senior author sees no value to offset the loss of nomenclatural stability incurred with changing genera unless there is a reproducible phylogenetic analysis (based upon publicly available evidence) supporting the hypothesis that specific genera in the Hodges et al. (1983) check list are incorrect (=not valid for a natural classification).  Arbitrary rank swapping changes of genera to subgenera are also rejected. 


Note for those species listed in the Hodges et al. (1983) check list, we include the original check list number, which serves as a citation for the describing author and year of description.


Results: We have collected at least 1,346 Macrolepidoptera species in Wisconsin, which we list at the end of this paper. Most of these species were recorded during our period of most intensive Wisconsin sampling between 1992 and 1995, with only a handful of the species recorded exclusively prior or subsequent to this interval. We have examined specimens of an additional 42 WI Macrolepidoptera species we did not encounter on our surveys, and at least 69 additional Macrolepidoptera species have been reported from Wisconsin in the literature (not including check lists published prior to 1910 which we suspect contain numerous errors). Thus, we list 1388 Macrolepidoptera species we can verify from Wisconsin, and 1457 species if literature records are included. The number of recorded species given could increase or decrease slightly when certain taxonomically problematic species complexes (highlighted with green font in the list) are further studied in the future. The following checklist is divided into two parts. Species for which we have collected or examined WI specimens are listed in the first part, and species reported in the literature for which we have not examined any WI specimens are listed in the second part.


Expanding This List: We are interested in learning of Wisconsin specimen records of species (in the included families) which are not currently included on this list, and in verifying species reported in the literature for which we have not yet seen a voucher specimen. To add a species to the list the senior author will need to examine a voucher specimen or a high quality image of a voucher specimen. Contributors will be noted in the acknowledgments and the name of the collector will be provided after the species name in the check list. Please note that the North American Lepidoptera Biodiversity LLC does not accept any distributional records not supported by a voucher specimen, in order to promote accuracy and verifiability of the information in our publications. To propose new additions to the list, please contact


Acknowledgments: Numerous individuals provided important assistance or cooperation with our Wisconsin Lepidoptera research. The senior author is especially grateful to his parents, Hugo & Sharon Kons Sr., for much support and tolerance for his research activities over many years. Special thanks is due to Ken Hall of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (retired) for his support and encouragement of the senior author’s undergraduate Lepidoptera research activities. The senior author also thanks the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and the American Entomological Institute for lab space and infrastructural support. Robert J. Borth gives special acknowledgment to Steve Kagen for financial support, equipment, and encouragement. For sharing information on WI Lepidoptera we thank George Balogh, Kyle Johnson, Richard Merkhofer, and Jim Parkinson. For granting permission to collect on restricted public lands, we thank Jim Anderson (Mosquito Hill Nature Center), Libby Dorn (Fallen Timbers Environmental Center), Ron Kurowski (Southern Kettle Moraine sites), Paul Matthiae (Wisconsin State Natural Areas), and Ron Zimmerman (Schmeeckle Reserve). Karen Agee of the WI DNR assisted with landowner and land manager contacts for southeast WI research in 1993. A number of private landowners generously granted permission to collect on their private property, including: Jim Bartz, Joanne Bartz, Jean & Bob Bishop, David Fritsch, Richard Merkhofer, Don Ladke, Merlin & Marie Kons, and Jerry and Eileen Willems Van Dijk. Karl Schroeder assisted by collecting light trap samples at some sites in northwest WI. We are grateful to Richard Merkhofer for sharing information regarding some new Lepidoptera records for Outagamie County. We are especially appreciative of George Balogh, who has examined hundreds of our WI Geometrid specimens and who was instrumental in helping us start our research collections for this family. George Balogh also determined the specimens for most of our Eupithecia records, including many specimens that required genitalic dissection. For assisting with the accurate identification of some specimens we also thank Douglas Ferguson, Mogens Nielson, and Eric Quinter. We wish to acknowledge the WI collecting efforts of Jim Parkinson, who came up with a number of interesting WI records that are unique among the material we have examined thus far. Also, in recent years Kyle Johnson has collected extensively in WI, and has provided additional species for the list.  Hugo and Sharon Kons Sr. assisted with building light and bait traps, and Richard Merkhofer provided the initial design for the type P inverted cone platform bait trap. Robert Freckman and David Hillier provided useful botanical information for sites in Portage County. For facilitating access to museum collections we thank Donald Harvey, Patricia Poole, Michael Pogue, and Robert Robbins (National Museum of Natural History), Su Borkin (Milwaukee Public Museum), and Kyle Johnson (UW-Madison). Also, for assistance with acquiring chemicals important to collecting or genitalic dissections, we thank Niklaus Hostettler, Jim Lloyd, Robert Robbins, and David Wahl.



Check List of Wisconsin Lepidoptera Species Collected or Examined by the Authors


Species collected from WI during the authors’ surveys appear in black font


Species not collected in WI during the authors’ surveys, but for which we have examined one or more specimens labeled from WI, appear in orange font with "[*]".


Questionable species concepts, where we are uncertain if a second species are involved, appear in green font with "[@]".


Names where two species go under one name, but only one occurs in WI, appear in purple font with "[2 E US:1 WI]".  If two species go under one name and both occur in WI, they are each listed.


Uncertain species level determinations appear in dark red font with "[?]".


Literature records for which we have examined no WI specimens are listed separately following this check list


Collection repositories for WI taxa not represented in the research collections of the authors are specified in {}, except for literature records at the end of the check list.  Collection acronyms are as follows.


MGC: McGuire Center, University of Florida

MPM: Milwaukee Public Museum

NMNH: National Museum of Natural History Collection, Smithsonian Institution

KEJ: Kyle Johnson Collection (part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison collection)

RMC: Richard Merkhofer Collection

SPC: University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Collection


In most cases we specify the collector(s) for any species not collected in WI by the authors, although in a few cases this is unknown and we report the collection repository only.


col.: collected by

[New Addition]: Added to this list after the original web posting on 24 August 2007.

[Det.]: A determination accepted solely based on the authority of a determiner other than the authors (some Eupithecia).







6235 Habrosyne scripta

6236 Habrosyne gloriosa

6237 Pseudothyatira cymatophoroides

6240 Euthyatira pudens



Drepaninae 3

6251 Drepana arcuata

6252 Drepana bilineata

6253 Eudeilinia herminiata

Oretinae 1

6255 Oreta rosea






Archierinae 1

6256 Archieris infans


Oenochrominae 1

6258 Alsophila pometaria


Ennominae 154

6261 Heliomata cycladata

6270 Proitame virginalis

6272 Eumacaria latiferrugata

6273 Itame pustularia

6274 Itame ribearia

6278 Itame evagaria

6279 Itame occiduaria

6280 Itame andersoni

6282 Itame argillacearia

6283 Itame sulphurea

6284 Itame amboflava? [Female, could also be the above species]

6286 Itame brunneata

6287 Itame anataria

6290 Itame loricaria

6292 Itame exhauspicata

6294 Itame abruptata

6299 Itame coortaria

6303 Itame subcessaria

6304 Itame bitactata

6321 Epelis truncataria

6322 Mellilla xanthometata

6326 Semiothisa aemulataria

6330 Semiothisa ulsterata

6331 Semiothisa promiscuata

6339 Semiothisa transitaria

6340 Semiothisa minorata

6431.1 Semiothisa masquerata

6342 Semiothisa bisignata

6343 Semiothisa sexmacularia

6344 Semiothisa signaria

6347 Semiothisa pinistrobata

6348 Semiothisa fissinotata

6349 Semiothisa mamorata

6350 Semiothisa submarmorata

6351 Semiothisa oweni

6353 Semiothisa multilineata

6357 Semiothisa eremiata

6358 Semiothisa ordinata

6362 Semiothisa continuata

6373 Semiothisa denticulata

6386 Semiothisa ocellinata

6397 Semiothisa mellistrigata

6405 Semiothisa gnophosaria

6410 Semiothisa pallidata

6419 Enconista dislocaria

6428 Orthofidonia tinctaria

6429 Orthofidonia exornata

6430 Orthofidonia flavivenata

6431 Hesperumia sulpuhuraria

6436 Ematurga amitaria

6449 Glena cibritaria

6459 Stenoporpia polygrammaria

6486 Tornos scolopacinarius

6570 Aethalura intertexta

6582 Iridopsis vellivolata

6583 Iridopsis ephyraria

6584 Iridopsis humaria

6588 Iridopsis larvaria

6590 Anavitrinelia pampinaria

6594 Cleora sublunaria

6595 Cleora projecta

6597 Ectropis crepuscularia

6598 Protoboarmia porcelaria

6599 Epimecis hortaria

6620 Melanolophia canadaria

6621 Melanolophia signataria

6637 Eufidonia convergaria

6639 Eufidonia discospilata

6640 Biston betularia

6443 Glenoides texanaria [New Addition, col. Kyle Johnson] {KEJ}

6651 Lycia ursaria

6654 Hypagyrtis unipunctata

6656 Hypagyrtis piniata

6658 Phigalia titea

6660 Phigalia strigitaria

6662 Paleacrita vernata

6663 Paleacrita merriccata

6665 Erannis tiliaria

6666 Lomographa semiclarata

6667 Lomographa vestaliata

6668 Lomographa glomeraria

6677 Cabera erythemaria

6678 Cabera variolaria

6680 Cabera quadrifasciaria

6693 Apodrepanulatrix liberaria

6704 Erastria coloraria

6720 Lytrosis unitaria

6724 Euchlaena serrata

6726 Euchlaena obtusaria

6728 Euchlaena effecta

6729 Euchlaena johnsonaria

6731 Euchlaena madusaria

6734 Euchlaena marginaria

6735 Euchlaena pectinaria

6737 Euchlaena tigrinaria

6738 Euchlaena milnei

6739 Euchlaena irraria

6740 Xanthotype urticaria

6743 Xanthotype sospeta

6753 Pero honestaria

6754 Pero hubneraria

6755 Pero morrisonaria

6763 Nacophora quernaria

6796 Campaea perlata

6797 Ennomos magnaria

6798 Ennomos subsignaria

6799 Epirranthis substriataria

6804 Petrophora subaequaria

6806 Tacparia atropunctata

6807 Tacparia detersata

6811 Homochlodes lactispargaria

6812 Homochlodes fritillaria

6815 Gueneria similaria

6817 Selenia alciphearia

6818 Selenia kentaria

6819 Metanema inatomaria

6820 Metanema determiniata

6821 Metarranthis warneri

6822 Metarranthis duaria

6823 Metarranthis angularia

6824 Metarranthis amyrisaria

6825 Metarranthis indeclinata

6826 Metarranthis hypochraria

6827 Metarranthis refractaria

6835 Cepphis armataria

6836 Anagoga pulveraria occiduaria

6837 Probole alienaria

6838 Probole amicaria

6839.1 Probole nyssaria

6840 Plagodis serinaria

6841 Plagodis kuetzingi

6842 Plagodis phlogosaria

6843 Plagodis fervidaria

6844 Plagodis alcoolaria

6863 Caripeta divisata

6864 Caripeta piniata

6867 Caripeta angustiorata

6884 Besma endropiaria

6885 Besma quercivoraria

6888 Lambdina fiscellaria

6894 Lambdina fervidaria

6898 Cingilia catenaria

6906 Nepytia canosaria

6909 Nepytia pellucidaria

6912 Sicya macularia

6941 Eusarca confusaria

6963 Tetracis crocallata

6964 Tetracis cachexiata

6965 Eugonobapta nivosaria

6966 Eutrapela clemataria

6974 Patalene olyzonaria

6982 Prochoerodes lineola

6987 Antepione thisoaria

7009 Nematocampa resistaria


Geometrinae 8

7046 Nemoria bistriaria

7047 Nemoria rubrifrontaria

7048 Nemoria mimosaria

7053 Dichorda iridaria

7058 Synchlora aerata

7071 Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria

7084 Hethemia pistasciaria

7085 Mesothea incertata


Sterrhinae 16

7097 Lobocleta plemyraria

7114 Idaea demissaria

7120 Idaea violacearia

7132 Pleuroprucha insulsaria

7136 Cyclophora packardi

7139 Cyclophora pendulinaria

7140 Cyclophora nanaria

7146 Haematopis grataria

7147 Timandra amaturaria

7157 Scopula cacuminaria

7159 Scopula limboundata

7162 Scopula ancellata

7164 Scopula junctaria

7165 Scopula quadrilineata

7169 Scopula inductata

7179 Leptostales rubromarginaria


Larentiinae 83

7182 Dysstroma citrata

7188 Dysstroma walkerata

7189 Dysstroma hersiliata

7196 Eulithis diversilineata

7197 Eulithis gracilineata

7201 Eulithis testata

7203 Eulithis molliculata

7204 Eulithis destinata

7205 Eulithis flavibrunneata

7206 Eulithis explanata

7208 Eulithis serrataria

7213 Ecliptopera silaceata

7216 Plemyria georgeii

7218 Thera contractata

7229 Hydriomena perfracta

7235 Hydriomena divisaria

7236 Hydriomena renunciata

7237 Hydriomena transfigurata

7254 Hydriomena ruberata

7285 Triphosa haesitata

7290 Coryphista meadii

7291 Hydria undulata

7292 Hydria prunivorata

7293 Rheumaptera hastata

7294 Rheumaptera subhastata

7307 Mesoleuca ruficillata

7312 Spargania magnoliata

7316 Perizoma basaliata

7329 Anticlea vasiliata

7230 Anticlea multiferata

7333 Stamnodes gibbicostata

7368 Xanthorhoe labradorensis

7369 Xanthorhoe packardata

7371 Xanthorhoe iduata

7384 Xanthorhoe decoloraria

7388 Xanthorhoe ferrugata

7390 Xanthorhoe lacustrata

7394 Epirrhoe alternata

7399 Euphyia intermediata

7414 Orthonama obstipata

7415 Orthonama evansi

7416 Orthonama centrostrigaria

7417 Disclisioprocta stellata   [New Addition, col. Kyle Johnson] {KEJ}

7419 Hydrelia lucata

7420 Hydrelia condensata

7422 Hydrelia inornata

7423 Hydrelia albifera

7428 Venusia comptaria

7430 Trichodezia albovittata

7433 Epirrita autumnata

7437 Operophtera bruceata

7440 Eubaphe mendica

7445 Horisme intestinata

7449 Eupithecia palpata [Det. George Balogh]

7459 Eupithecia columbiata [Det. George Balogh]

7474 Eupithecia miserulata

7476 Eupithecia misturata [Det. George Balogh]

7483 Eupithecia regina [Det. George Balogh]

7487 Eupithecia subfuscata [Det. George Balogh]

7489 Eupithecia lariciata [Det. George Balogh]

7491 Eupithecia fletcherata [Det. George Balogh]

7518 Eupithecia intricata [Det. George Balogh]

7522 Eupithecia nimbicolor [Det. George Balogh]

7523 Eupithecia strattonata [Det. George Balogh]

7526 Eupithecia russeliata [Det. George Balogh]

7528 Eupithecia assimilata [Det. George Balogh]

7529 Eupithecia absinthiata

7530 Eupithecia swettii [Det. George Balogh]

7540 Eupithecia perfusca [Det. George Balogh]

7543 Eupithecia annulata [Det. George Balogh]

7551 Eupithecia interruptofasciata [Det. George Balogh]

7565 Eupithecia bowmani

7575 Eupithecia mutata

7594 Eupithecia anticaria

7605 Eupithecia ravocostaliata

         Pasiphila rectangulata [New Addition, 2009]

7635 Acasis viridata

7637 Cladara limitaria

7639 Cladara atroliturata

7640 Lobophora nivigerata

7645 Heterophleps refusaria

7647 Heterophleps triguttaria

7648 Dyspteris abortivaria



7650 Callizzia amorata

7653 Calledapteryx dryopterata







Pyrginae 13

3870 Epargyreus clarus

3909 Thorybes bathyllus

3910 Thorybes pylades

3945 Erynnis icelus

3946 Erynnis brizo

3947 Erynnis juvenalis

3952 Erynnis horatius [Examined] {MPM}

3954 Erynnis martialis

3958 Erynnis lucilius

3959 Erynnis baptisiae

3961 Erynnis persius

3966 Pyrgus communis

3977 Pholisora catullus


Heteropterinae 1

3982 Carterocephalus palemon


Hesperiinae 31

3993 Nastra lherminier

4004 Ancyloxpha numitor

4006 Oarisma powesheik

4012 Thymelicus lineola

4013 Hylephila phyleus

4020 Hesperia comma

4022 Hesperia ottoe

4023 Hesperia leonardus

4027 Hesperia metea

4033 Hesperia sassacus

4036 Polites coras

4041 Polites themistocles

4042 Polites origenes

4043 Polites mystic

4046 Wallengrenia otho

4047 Wallengrenia egeremet

4048 Pompeius verna

4049 Atalopedes campestris

4051 Atrytone logan

4052 Problema byssus

4058 Poanes massasoit

4059 Poanes hobomok

4064 Poanes viator

4072 Euphyes dion

4075 Euphyes conspicua

4077 Euphyes bimacula

4078 Euphyes vestris

4080 Atrytonopsis hianna

4096 Amblyscirtes hegon

4105 Amblyscirtes vialis

4111 Lerodea eufala





4157 Battus philenor

4159 Papilio polyxenus

4170 Papilio cresephontes

4176 Papilio glaucus

4176.1 Papilio canadensis



4193 Pontia protodice

4195 Pieris napi

4196 Pieris virginiensis

4197 Pieris rapae

4202 Euchloe olympia

4209 Colias philodice

4210 Colias eurytheme

4220 Colias interior

         Colias sp. (not 4420?) (not counted, uncertain if a distinct species from 4420) [@]

4224 Zerene cessonia

4228 Phoebis sennae

4229 Phoebis philea [Examined, col. W. Seiker] {MPM}

4237 Eurema lisa

4242 Eurema nicippe

4246 Eurema mexicanum [Examined by RJB, col. J. Parkinson] {current repository unknown}

4248 Nathalis iole



4249 Feniseca tarquinius

4251 Lycaena phlaeas

4253 Gaeides xanthoides

4256 Hyllolycaena hyllus

4260 Epidemia epixanthe

4261 Epidemia dorcas

4262 Epidemia helloides

4285 Satyrium liparops

4282 Satyrium calanus

4281 Satyrium edwardsii

4283 Satyrium caryaevorum

4275 Satyrium titus

4278 Satyrium acadicum

4318 Callophrys gryneus

4322 Callophrys agustus

4324 Callophrys polios

4325 Callophrys irus

4326 Callophrys henrici

4328 Callophrys niphon

4336 Strymon melinus

4357 Leptotes marina

4361 Everes comyntas

4362 Everes amyntula

4360 Hemiargus isola

4363 Celastrina ladon [complex]

4372 Glaucopsyche lygdamus

4374 Lycaeides idas

4375 Lycaeides melissa samuelis

4376 Plebejus saepiolus



4391 Calephelis muticum



4411 Libytheana carinenta

4413 Agraulis vanillae [Examined, collector not specified] {SPC}

4420 Polygonia interrogationis

4421 Polygonia comma

4422 Polygonia satyrus

4423 Polygonia faunus

4429 Polygonia progne

4430 Nymphalis vau-album

4432 Nymphalis antiopa

4433 Aglais milberti

4434 Vanessa virginiensis

4435 Vanessa cardui

4437 Vanessa atlanta

4440 Junonia coenia

4447 Euptoieta claudia

4450 Speyeria cybele

4451 Speyeria aphrodite

4452 Speyeria idalia

4459 Speyeria atlantis

4463 Proclossiana eunomia

4464 Clossiana selene

4465 Clossiana bellona

4466 Clossiana frigga

4471 Clossiana freija

4474 Clossiana titania

4481 Phyciodes tharos

4481.1 Phyciodes pascoensis

4482 Phyciodes batesii

4489 Chlosyne gorgone

4490 Chlosyne nycteis

4491 Chlosyne harrisii

4516 Euphydryas phaeton

4522 Basilarchia arthemis

4523 Basilarchia archippus

4557 Astereocampa celtis

4562.1 Astereocampa clyton

4568.1 Enodia anthedon

4568.3 Satyrodes eurydice

4569 Satyrodes appalachia

4578 Megisto cymela

4583 Coenonympha inornata

4587 Cercyonis pegala

4596 Erebia discoidalis

4606 Oeneis chryxus

4611 Oeneis jutta

4614 Danaus plexippus





7659 Lacosoma chiridota

7662 Cicinnus melsheimeri





Macromphaliinae 2

7670 Tolype velleda

7673 Tolype laricis


Gastropachinae 2

7685 Heteropacha rileyana

7687 Phyllodesma americana


Lasiocampinae 2

7698 Malacosoma disstria

7701 Malacosoma americanum





7663 Apatelodes torrefacta

7665 Olceclostera angelica



Citheroniinae 7

7704 Eacles imperialis

7709 Sphingicampa bicolor

7712 Sphingicampa bisecta [WI is the Type Locality, but we have seen no additional WI specimens] {unknown}

7715 Dryocampa rubicunda

7716 Anisota stigma

7719 Anisota senatoria [Examined, col. J. Parkinson]

7723 Anisota virginiensis [Examined, col. J. Parkinson]


Hemileucinae 2

7730 Hemileuca maia

7746 Automeris io


Saturniinae 5

7757 Antheraea polyphemus

7758 Actias luna

7764 Callosamia promethea

7767 Hyalophora cecropia

7768 Hyalophora columbia



Sphinginae 22

7771 Agrius cingulata

7775 Manduca sexta

7776 Manduca quinquemaculata

7784 Dolba hyloeus

7786 Ceratomia amyntor

7787 Ceratomia undulosa

7789 Ceratomia catalpae

7790 Ceratomia hageni

7796 Sphinx eremitus

7802 Sphinx chersis

7807 Sphinx canadensis

7809 Sphinx kalmiae

7810 Sphinx gordius (incl. poecile)

7811 Sphinx luscitiosa

7812 Sphinx drupiferarum

7817 Lapara bombycoides

7821 Smerinthus jamaicensis

7822 Smerinthus cerisyi

7824 Paonias excaecatus

7825 Paonias myops

7827 Lathoe juglandis

7828 Pachysphinx modesta


Macroglossinae 17

7832 Erinnyis alope [Examined, col. J. Barnes] {MPM}

7834 Erinnyis ello

7849 Aellopos titan [Examined, col. R. Merkhofer] {RMC}

7853 Hemaris thysbe

7854 Hemaris gracilis

7855 Hemaris diffinis

7859 Eumorpha pandorus

7861 Eumorpha achemon

7870 Sphecodina abbottii

7871 Deidamia inscripta

7873 Amphion floridensis

7884 Darapsa versicolor [Examined] {MPM}

7885 Darapsa myron

7886 Darapsa pholus

7890 Xylophanes tersa

7893 Hyles gallii

7894 Hyles lineata





7895 Clostera albosigma

7896 Clostera inclusa sp. 1  [small darker species of hardwood forests and wetlands, S Transition-Lower Austral Zones]

         Clostera inclusa sp. 2  [large pale species of Canadian Life Zone barrens]

7898 Clostera strigosa

7900 Clostera brucei

7901 Clostera apicalis

7902 Datana ministra

7903 Datana angusii

7904 Datana drexelii

7906 Datana contractata

7907 Datana integerrima

7908 Datana perspicua

7915 Nadata gibbosa

7917 Hyperaeschra georgica

7919 Peridea basitriens

7920 Peridea angulosa

7921 Peridea ferruginea

7922 Pheosia rimosa

7924 Odontosia elegans

7926 Notodonta scitipennis

7928 Notodonta simplaria

7929 Nerice bidentata

7930 Ellida caniplaga

7931 Gluphisia septentrionis

7933 Gluphisia avimacula

7934 Gluphisia lintneri

7936 Furcula borealis

7937 Furcula cinerea

7939 Furcula occidentalis

7941 Furcula modesta

7942 Cerura scitiscripta

7951 Symmerista albifrons

7952 Symmerista canicosta

7953 Symmerista leucitys

7957 Dasylophia anguina [2 E US: 1 WI]

7958 Dasylophia thyatiroides [Examined, col. William Seiker] {}

7975 Macrurocampa marthesia

7983 Heterocampa obliqua

7985 Heterocampa subrotata

7990 Heterocampa umbrata

7994 Heterocampa guttivitta

7995 Heterocampa biundata

7998 Lochmaeus manteo

7999 Lochmaeus bilineata

8005 Schizura ipomoeae

8006 Schizura badia

8007 Schizura unicornis

8009 Schizura apicalis

8010 Schizura concinna [possibly 2 E US: 1 WI]

8011 Schizura leptinoides

8012 Oligocentria semirufescens

8017 Oligocentria lignicolor

8022 Hyparpax aurora



Herminiinae 48

8322 Idia americalis

8323 Idia aemula 

8323.1 Idia concisa

8321.2 Idia herminioides

8324 Idia majoralis

8326 Idia rotundalis

8327 Idia forbesi

8328 Idia julia

8329 Idia diminuendis

8330 Idia scobialis

8333 Idia denticulalis

8334 Idia lubricalis

8338 Phalaenophana pyramusalis

8340 Zanclognatha lituralis

         Zanclognatha deceptricalis

8345 Zanclognatha laevigata

8348 Zanclognatha pedipilalis cpx. A [possibly 2 E US: 1 WI]

8349 Zanclognatha protumnusalis  [Possibly two species under this name in WI]

8349.1 Zanclognatha dentata [="nr. protumnusalis" of previous versions]

8350 Zanclognatha martha

8351 Zanclognatha cruralis cpx. sp A [possibly 2 E US: 1 WI]

8352 Zanclognatha marcidilinea [Formerly listed as jacchusalis, changed based on Lafontaine and Honey (2009)]

8353 Zanclognatha ochreipennis [jacchusalis is actually an older name for this species,

           which was formerly applied to the preceding species (Lafontaine and Honey 2009)]

8355 Chytolita morbidalis

8356 Chytolita petrealis

8357 Macrochilo absorptalis

8357.1 Macrochilo hypocritialis Fgn.

8358 Macrochilo litophora

8359 Macrochilo bivittata

8360 Macrochilo orciferalis

8361 Macrochilo louisiana

8362 Phalaenostola metonalis

8363 Phalaenostola eumelusalis

8364 Phalaenostola larentioides

8365 Phalaenostola hanhami

8366 Tetanolita mynesalis

8368 Tetanolita floridana sp. 2 [2 E US: 1 WI]

8370 Bleptina caradrinalis

8378 Renia salusalis

8379 Renia factiosalis

8381 Renia discoloralis

8384.1 Renia flavipunctalis

8386 Renia adspergillus

8387 Renia sobrialis

8393 Lascoria ambigualis

8397 Palthis angulalis

8398 Palthis asopialis

8401 Redectes vitrea


Rivulinae 1

8404 Rivula propinqualis


Subfamily Unknown 3

8411 Colobochyla interpuncta [Not supported as Rivulinae in Zahiri et al. 2012, relationship unclear]

8412 Melanomma auricinctaria

8413 Mycterophora inexplicata


Hypenodinae 6

8420 Hypenodes caducus

8421 Hypenodes fractilinea

         Hypenodes sp. nr. fractilinea 2 (uncertain if a separate species) [@]

8422 Hypenodes palustris

8423 Hypenodes sombrus

         Hypenodes new species (probably a new species, as hypothesized by Kons)


Subfamily Unknown 5

8426 Dyspyralis illocata

8427 Dyspyralis puncticosta

8428 Dyspyralis nigella

8430 Parahypenodes quadralis

8440 Nigetia formosalis


Hypeninae 18

8441 Hypena manalis

8442 Hypena baltimoralis

8443 Hypena bijugalis

8444 Hypena palparia

8445 Hypena abalienalis

8446 Hypena deceptalis

8447 Hypena madefactalis

8448 Hypena sordidula

8450 Hypena atomaria

8452 Hypena edictalis

8455 Hypena eductalis

8457 Hypena minualis

8461 Hypena humuli

8465 Hypena scabra


Toxocampinae 1

8466 Tathorhynchus exsiccatus


Subfamily Unknown 1

8479 Spargaloma sexpunctata


Pangraptinae 2

8490 Pangrapta decoralis

8491 Ledaea perditalis


Subfamily Unknown 1

8493 Isogona tenuis


Boletobiinae 5

8480 Phytometra ernestinana

8481 Phytometra rhodarialis complex sp. 1 [Examined] {MPM} [2 E US: 1 WI]

8499 Metalectra discalis

8500 Metalectra quadrisignata

8502 Metalectra tantillus


Subfamily Unknown 1

8509 Arugisa latiorella


Scolecocampinae 1

8514 Scolecocampa liburna


Calpinae 2

8534 Plusiodonta compressipalpis

8536 Calyptra canadensis


Scoliopteryginae 2

8554 Alabama argillacea [Examined] {MPM}

8555 Scoliopteryx libatrix


Eulepidotinae 3

8574 Anticarsia gemmatalis

8587 Panopoda rufimargo

8588 Panopoda carneicosta


Erebinae (=Catocalinae) 93

8591 Phoberia atomaris

8591.1 Phoberia ingenua

         Phoberia species 2 (blackish with cream scaling along veins, uncertain if separate species) [@]

8592 Cissusa spadix

8598 Melipotis perpendicularis

8618 Drasteria graphica

8636 Drasteria adumbrata

8641 Drasteria grandirena

8647 Thysania zenobia

8649 Ascalapha odorata

8651 Lesmone detrahens

8689 Zale lunata

8692 Zale galbanata

8694 Zale aeruginosa

8695 Zale undularis

8697 Zale minerea

8698 Zale phaeocapna

8699 Zale obliqua

8702a Zale submediana complex sp. 1

8702b Zale submediana complex sp. 2 [@]

8703 Zale duplicata [Probably two separate species under this name, in addition to the following]

8703.1 Zale largera [name application tentative, large jack pine barrens sp. w. genitalia like duplicata]

8704 Zale helata

8707 Zale metatoides

8713.1 Zale intenta

8716 Zale unilineata

8717 Zale horrida

8719 Euparthenos nubilis

8721 Allotria elonympha

8727 Parallelia bistriaris

8731 Euclidia cuspidea

8738 Caenurgina crassiuscula

8739 Caenurgina erechtea

8743 Mocis latipes

8745 Mocis texana

8747 Celiptera frustulum

8750 Ptichodis herbarum

8764 Argyrostrotis anilis

8769 Spiloloma lunilinea

8770 Catocala innubens

8771 Catocala piatrix

8773 Catocala epione

8775 Catocala antinympha

8776 Catocala coelebs

8778 Catocala habilis

8779 Catocala serena

8781 Catocala judith

8783 Catocala angusi  [Examined] {MGC}

8784 Catocala obscura

8785 Catocala residua

8788 Catocala retecta

8791 Catocala insolabilis

8792 Catocala vidua

8793 Catocala maestosa

8794 Catocala lacrymosa [Examined, col. W. Seiker] {MPM}

8795 Catocala palaeogama

8796 Catocala nebulosa

8797 Catocala subnata

8798 Catocala neogama

8798.1 Catocala communis

8801 Catocala ilia

8802 Catocala cerogama

8803 Catocala relicta

8805 Catocala unijuga

8806 Catocala parta

8808 Catocala luciana

8817 Catocala briseis

8821 Catocala semirelicta

8822 Catocala meskei

8829 Catocala junctura [Examined, col. W. Seiker] {}

8832 Catocala cara

8833 Catocala concumbens

8834 Catocala amatrix

8840 Catocala illecta

8841 Catocala abbreviatella

8842 Catocala nuptialis

8843 Catocala whitneyi

8844 Catocala amestris

8846 Catocala sordida

8851 Catocala coccinata

8857 Catocala ultronia

8858 Catocala crataegi

8863 Catocala mira

8864 Catocala grynea

8869 Catocala alabamae

8867 Catocala blandula

8872 Catocala clintoni

8873 Catocala similis

8874 Catocala minuta

8876 Catocala micronympha

8877 Catocala connubialis

8878 Catocala amica

8878.1 Catocala lineella


Arctiinae 55

8043 Eilema bicolor

8045.1 Crambidia pallida [2 E US: 1 WI]

8051 Crambidia casta

8052 Crambidia pura complex [2 E US: 1 WI]

8067 Cisthene plumbea

8089 Hypoprepia miniata

8090 Hypoprepia fucosa

8098 Clemensia albata

8109 Haploa reversa

8110 Haploa contigua

8111 Haploa lecontei

8112 Haploa confusa

8114 Virbia laeta  [genus changed from Holomelina following Zaspel and Weller (2006)]

8818 Virbia opella

         Virbia near opella

8120 Virbia lamae

8121 Virbia aurantiaca

8123 Virbia ferruginosa

8124 Virbia immaculata

8129 Pyrrharctia isabella

8131 Estigmene acrea

8133 Spilisoma latipennis

8134 Spilosoma congrua

8136 Spilosoma dubia

8137 Spilosoma virginica

8140 Hyphantria cunea

8146 Ecpantheria scribbonia

8156 Phragmatobia fuliginosa

8157 Phragmatobia lineata

8158 Phragmatobia assimilans

8162 Platarctia parthenos

8166 Arctia caja

8169 Apantesis phalerata

8171 Apantesis nais

8171.1 Apantesis carlotta

8175 Grammia virguncula

8175.1 Grammia speciosa

8176 Grammia anna

8187 Grammia celia

8188 Grammia figurata

8194 Grammia phyllira

8195 Grammia oithona

8196 Grammia parthenice

8197 Grammia virgo

8199 Grammia arge

8203 Halysidota tessellaris

8211 Lophocampa caryae

8214 Lophocampa maculata

8228 Cycnia inopinatus

8230 Cycnia tenera [2 E US: 1 WI]

8231 Cycnia oregonensis

8238 Euchaetes egle

8254 Pygarctia spraguei

8262 Ctenucha virginica

8267 Cisseps fulvicollis


Lymantriinae 10

8293 Dasychira dorsipennata

8294 Dasychira vagans

8296 Dasychira basiflava

8300 Dasychira cinnamomea

8302 Dasychira obliquata

8305 Dasychira pinicola [Examined, collector not specified]

8308 Orgyia antiqua

8314 Orgyia definita

8316 Orgyia leucostigma

8318 Lymantria dispar


Euteliinae 5

8955 Marathyssa inficita

8956 Marathyssa basalis

8957 Paectes oculatrix

8959 Paectes pygmaea

8962 Paectes abrostoloides


Risobinae 5 

8969 Baileya doubledayi

8970 Baileya ophthalmica

8971 Baileya dormitans

8972 Baileya levitans

8973 Baileya australis [2 E US: 1 WI]


Chloephorinae 4

8974 Characoma nilotica

8975 Nycteola frigidana

8977 Nycteola cinereana

         Nycteola metaspilella     [New Addition]


Nolinae 8

8983 Meganola miniscula [2 E US: 1 WI]

8983.1 Meganola phylla

8983.2 Meganola spodia

8990 Nola cilicoides

8991 Nola cereella

8992 Nola triquetrana

8995 Nola ovilla

         Nola species [uncertain if distinct from ovilla] [@]


Bagisarinae 3

9070 Amyna octo

9169 Bagisara rectifascia [possibly 2 E US: 1 WI]

9175 Bagisara gulnare


Subfamily Unknown 5 (formerly in Acontiinae)

9003 Tripudia quadrifera

9025 Oruza albocostaliata

9037 Hyperstrotia pervertens

9038 Hyperstrotia villificans

9040 Hyperstrotia secta


Eustrotiinae 11

9044 Thioptera nigrofimbria

9046 Lithacodia bellicula

9047 Lithacodia muscosula

9048 Lithacodia albidula

9051 Lithacodia musta

9049 Maliattha synochitis

9050 Maliattha concinnimacula

9053 Pseudostrotia carneola

9284 Anterastria teratophora

9059 Capis curvata

         Eustrotiinae sp. (probably a new species) (As hypothesized by Kons)


Condicinae 9

9690 Condica videns

9696 Condica vecors

9699 Condica sutor

9720 Ogdoconta cinereola

9056 Homophoberia cristata

9057 Homophoberia apicosa

9065 Leuconycta diphteroides

9066 Leuconycta lepidula

9661 Crambodes talidiformis


Plusiinae 35

9022 Exyra fax

8880 Abrostola ovalis

8881 Abrostola urentis

8886 Enigmogramma basigera

8887 Trichoplusia ni

8889 Ctenoplusia oxygramma

8890 Pseudoplusia includens

8895 Rachiplusia ou

8896 Diachrysia aeroides

8897 Diachrysia balluca

8898 Allagrapha aerea

8899 Pseudeva purpurigera

8904 Chrysanympha formosa

8905 Eosphoropteryx thyatyroides

8907 Megalographa biloba

8908 Autographa precationis

8909 Autographa rubida

8911 Autographa bimaculata

8912 Autographa mappa

8914 Autographa californica

8916 Autographa flagellum

8923 Autographa ampla

8924 Anagrapha falcifera

8926 Syngrapha octoscripta

8927 Syngrapha epigaea

8929 Syngrapha viridisigma

8939 Syngrapha alias

8940 Syngrapha abstrusa

8941 Syngrapha cryptica

8942 Syngrapha rectangula

8945 Syngrapha montana [Examined, col. Kyle Johnson] {KEJ}

8946 Syngrapha microgamma

8950 Plusia putnami

         Plusia magnimacula  [new addition]

8952 Plusia contexta

8953 Plusia venusta


Acontiinae 8

9085 Tarachidia semiflava

9089 Tarachidia binocula

9090 Tarachidia candefacta

9095 Tarachidia erastrioides

9101 Tarachidia tortricina

9127 Spragueia leo

9136 Acontia aprica

9145 Acontia terminimaculata


Amphipyrinae 3

9638 Amphipyra pyramidoides

9639 Amphipyra tragopoginis

9640 Amphipyra glabella


Azeninae 1

9725 Azenia obtusa


Stiriinae 1

9754 Plagiomimicus pityochromus


Eriopinae 2

9631 Callopistria mollissima

9633 Callopistria cordata


Psaphidinae 11

10005 Feralia jocosa

10007 Feralia major

10008 Feralia comstocki

10011 Brachionycha borealis

10012 Psaphida electilis

10013 Psaphida grandis

10014 Psaphida rolandi

10016 Psaphida styracis

10019 Psaphida resumens

10020 Psaphida thaxteriana

10021 Copivaleria grotei


Heliothinae 25

11063 Pyrrhia adela Laf. & Mikkola

11064 Pyrrhia exprimens

11065 Rhodoecia aurantiago

11068 Helicoverpa zea

11070 Heliothis subflexus

11071 Heliothis virescens

11072 Heliothis phloxiphagus

11072.1 Heliothis ascecias

11074 Heliothis paradoxus

11081 Heliothis borealis

11082 Protoschinia scutosa [Examined, col. “F.R.”] {NMNH}

11095 Schinia indiana

11105 Schinia bina

11110 Schinia septentrionalis

11117 Schinia lynx

11128 Schinia arcigera

11131 Schinia mortua [Examined, col. J. Parkinson]

11132 Schinia jaguarina [Examined, col. W. Seiker, P. Smith] {NMNH}

11135 Schinia rivulosa

11148 Schinia oleagina

11149 Schinia trifascia

11164 Schinia florida

11174 Schinia lucens

11177 Schinia nundina [Examined, col. J. Barnes, J. Parkinson] {SPC}

11199 Schinia chrysella


Agaristinae 5

9299 Eudryas unio

9301 Eudryas grata

9309 Psychomorpha epimenis

9314 Alypia octomaculata

9318 Alypia langtoni


Pantheinae 5

9177 Panthea acronyctoides

9182 Panthea furcilla

9184 Colocasia flavicornis

9185 Colocasia propinquilinea

9189 Charadra deridens


Raphiinae 1

9193 Raphia frater


Acronictinae 51

9199 Acronicta rubricoma

9200 Acronicta americana

9203 Acronicta dactylina

9205 Acronicta lepusculina

9206 Acronicta leporina

9207 Acronicta innotata

9208 Acronicta betulae

9209 Acronicta radcliffei

9211 Acronicta tritona

9212 Acronicta grisea

9214 Acronicta falcula

9216 Aconicta albarufa

9219 Acronicta connecta

9221 Acronicta funeralis

9224 Acronicta quadrata

9225 Acronicta vinnula

9226 Acronicta superans

9227 Acronicta laetifica

9229 Acronicta hasta

9235 Acronicta spinigera

9236 Acronicta morula

9237 Acronicta interrupta

9238 Acronicta lobeliae

9241 Acronicta fragilis

9242 Acronicta exilis

9243 Acronicta ovata

         Acronicta sp. nr. ovata? [@]

9244 Acronicta modica

9245 Acronicta haesitata

9246 Acronicta clarescens

9247 Acronicta tristis

9248 Acronicta hamamelis

9250 Acronicta inclara

9251 Acronicta retardata

9254 Acronicta afflicta

9257 Acronicta impleta

9258 Acronicta sperata

9259 Acronicta noctivaga

9261 Acronicta impressa

9264 Acronicta longa

9266 Acronicta lithospila

9272 Acronicta oblinata

9274 Acronicta lanceolaria

9277 Merolonche dolli

9280 Simyra henrici sp. B [2 E US: 1 WI]

9281 Agriopodes fallax

9285 Polygrammate hebraeicum

9286 Harrisimemna trisignata

9061 Cerma cora

9062 Cerma cerintha


Cucullinae 6

10190 Cucullia speyeri

10194 Cucullia intermedia

10197 Cucullia florea

10198 Cucullia postera

10200 Cucullia asteroides

10202 Cucullia convexipennis


Oncocnemidinae 4

10135 Oncocnemis riparia

10059 Homohadena badistriga

10065a Homohadena dinalda [Reported as infixa on previous versions of this list, changed based on Troubridge (2008)]

10067 Adita chionanthi


Noctuinae 394

9618 Phosphila turbulenta

9619 Phosphila miselioides

9326 Apamea verbascoides

9328 Apamea nigrior

9329 Apamea cariosa

9331 Apamea cristata

9332 Apamea vulgaris

9333 Apamea lignicolora

9341 Apamea vultuosa

9343 Apamea apamiformis

9344 Apamea plutonia

9348 Apamea amputatrix

9351 Apamea alia

9353 Apamea inordinata

9359 Apamea commoda

9360 Apamea impulsa

9361 Apamea mixta [Examined, col. J. Parkinson]

9362 Apamea remissa

9362.1 Apamea ophiogramma

9364 Apamea sordens

         Apamea new sp. nr. sordens (As hypothesized by Kons)

9365 Apamea lateritia

9367 Apamea dubitans

         Apamea cogitata (Sm.)

9372 Apamea lutosa

9373 Apamea helva

9374 Apamea niveivenosa

9375 Apamea extensa [Examined, col. S. Borkin] {MPM}; (possibly a form of A. niveivenosa, as treated by Hanfield 1999) [@]

9378 Apamea burgessi

9380 Apamea relicina

9382 Apamea devastator

         Apamea unanimis [New Addition: Milwaukee, WI June 2008; Kons & Borth]

9391 Luperina passer

9393 Luperina stipata

9396 Eremobina claudens [Examined, col. J. Parkinson]

9398 Eremobina jocasta

9402 Oligia chlorostigma

9404 Oligia modica

9406 Oligia fractilinea

9408 Oligia exhausta

9409 Oligia hausta/semicana cmplx.

9413 Oligia tonsa

9415 Oligia bridghami

9416 Oligia miniscula

9419 Oligia mactata

9420 Oligia illocata

9427 Meropleon diversicolor

9428 Meropleon ambifusca

9429 Lemmeria digitalis

9430 Selicanis cinereola [Examined, col. J. Parkinson]

9431 Parastichtis suspecta

9433 Xylomoia chagnoni

9434 Spartiniphaga includens

9435 Spartiniphaga inops

9436 Spartiniphaga panatela

9437 Chortodes inquinata

9439 Chortodes basistriga

9441 Chortodes enervata

9443 Chortodes defecta

9449 Archanara oblonga

9450 Archanara subflava

9451 Archanara laeta

9452 Macronoctua onusta

9453 Celaena reniformis

9454 Amphipoea velata

9456 Amphipoea interoceanica

9457 Amphipoea americana

9464 Papaipema cerina

9466 Papaipema cataphracta

         Papaipema unknown sp.

9471 Papaipema arctivorens

9472 Papaipema harrisii

9473 Papaipema impecuniosa

9478 Papaipema leucostigma

9479 Papaipema lysimachiae

9480 Papaipema pterisii

9482 Papaipema speciosissima

9483 Papaipema inquaesita

9484 Papaipema rutila

9485 Papaipema baptisae

9486 Papaipema birdi

9490 Papaipema nepheleptena

9491 Papaipema circumlucens [Examined, col. J. Parkinson] [possibly two species under this name, one recorded from WI]

9492 Papaipema marginidens [Examined, col. Kyle Johnson] {KEJ}

9493 Papaipema appassionata

9495 Papaipema furcata

9496 Papaipema nebris

9497 Papaipema necopina

9498 Papaipema silphii

9500 Papaipema maritima

9501 Papaipema eupatorii

9502 Papaipema nelita

9503 Papaipema rigida

9506 Papaipema sciata

9508 Papaipema beeriana [prairie wetlands, SE WI]

         Papaipema nr. beeriana [barrens and sand dunes, NE WI and Lake Michigan shore]

9509 Papaipema unimoda

         Papaipema near unimoda (As hypothesized by Kons) [@]

9513 Hydraecia immanis

9514 Hydraecia micacea

9516 Hydraecia stramentosa

9520 Achatodes zeae

9522 Iodopepla u-album

         Bellura diffusa [treated as a synonym of gortynoides in Hodges et al. (1983)]

9524 Bellura brehmei [the dark Canadian Zone species, not brehmei of Kimball (1965)] [2 E US: 1 WI]

9525 Bellura obliqua sp. 1 [large tan-grey species present in June]

         Bellura obliqua sp. 2  [smaller red species present in August] (As hypothesized by Kons)

9526 Bellura densa

9545 Euplexia benesimilis

9546 Phlogophora iris

9547 Phlogophora periculosa

9548 Conservula anodonta

9549 Enargia decolor

9550 Enargia infumata

9551 Enargia mephisto

9555 Ipimorpha pleonectusa

9556 Chytonix palliatricula

9557 Chytonix sensilis complex sp. 1 [smaller species, Canadian Zone barrens]

         Chytonix sensilis cpx sp. 2 [larger more contrasting species, S WI-N FL in xeric sandy habitats] [@]

9560 Dypterygia rozmani

9578 Hyppa xylinoides

         Hyppa sp. [lighter grey phenotype of Canadian Zone barrens where sympatric with the above] [@]

9582 Nedra ramosula

9589 Properigea costa

9626 Trachea delicata

9629 Fagitana littera

9637.1 Magusa divaricata [Formerly listed as orbifera, changed based on Lafontaine and et al. (2009)]

9647 Athetis miranda

9649 Athetis mendosa

9650 Anorthodes tarda

9654 Caradrina meralis

9656 Caradrina extima

9657 Caradrina multifera

9662 Balsa malana

9663 Balsa tristrigella

9664 Balsa labecula

9665 Spodoptera exigua

9666 Spodoptera frugiperda

9669 Spodoptera ornithogalli

9671 Spodoptera dolichos

9678 Elaphria versicolor

9679 Elaphria chalcedonia [Examined in NMNH, col. “F.R.”, collected by HLK in Outagamie County in 2012]

9680 Elaphria georgei

9681 Elaphria festivoides

9684 Elaphria grata

9688 Galgula partita

9689 Perigea xanthioides

9815 Cosmia calami

9818 Amolita fessa

9873 Xylena nupera

9874 Xylena curvimacula

9875 Xylena thoracica

9876 Xylena cineritia

9878 Lithomoia germana

9881 Homoglaea hiricina

9884 Litholomia napaea

9885 Lithophane semiusta

9886 Lithophane patefacta

9887 Lithophane bethunei

9887.1 Lithophane franclemonti Metzler

9888 Lithophane innominata

9889 Lithophane petulca

9891 Lithophane amanda

9892 Lithophane disposita

         Lithophane new sp nr disposita (As hypothesized by Kons, and independently by others)

9893 Lithophane hemina

9894 Lithophane oriunda

9899.1 Lithophane thuje

9902 Lithophane baileyi

9909 Lithophane tepida

         Lithophane new sp. nr. tepida (As hypothesized by Kons)

         Lithophane scottae [New Addition, col. Kyle Johnson] {KEJ}

9910 Lithophane antennata

9914 Lithophane laticinerea

9915 Lithophane grotei

9916 Lithophane unimoda

9917 Lithophane fagina

9922 Lithophane pexata

9925 Lithophane lepida [possibly a species complex]

9928 Lithophane thaxteri

9929 Pyreferra hesperidago

9930 Pyreferra citromba

9932 Pyreferra pettiti

9933 Eupsilia vinulenta

9933.1 Eupsilia sidus

         Eupsilia nr. sidus [following diagnostic characters of Kyle Johnson]

9935 Eupsilia tristigmata

9936 Eupsilia morrisoni

9939 Eupsilia devia

9941 Sericaglaea signata

9942 Xystopepla rufago

9943 Metaxaglaea inulta

9946 Epiglaea decliva [Examined, col. J. Parkinson]

9947 Epiglaea apiata

9948 Chaetaglaea cerata complex sp. 1 [possibly 2 E US: 1 WI]

9950 Chaetaglaea sericea complex sp. 1 [possibly 2 E US: 1 WI]

9951 Psectraglaea carnosa [Examined, col. J. Parkinson]

9952 Eucirroedia pampina

9957 Sunira bicolorago

9961 Anathix ralla

9962 Anathix puta

9963 Anathix aggressa

9965 Xanthia togata

9967 Hillia iris

9976 Platypolia anceps

9979 Xylotype capax

9980 Xylotype arcadia

9987 Mniotype ducta   [New Addition, col. Kyle Johnson] {KEJ}

9989 Sutyna privata

         Sutyna sp. (profunda?) [@]

9992 Pachypolia atricornis

9998 Brachylomia algens

10033 Catabena lineolata

10055 Apharetra dentata

10223 Discestra trifolii

           Discestra species [@] [Examined, col. L. A. Ferge] {MPM}

10263 Trichoclea artesta [Examined, col. L. A. Ferge]

10265 Sideridis rosea

10266 Sideridis congermana

10268 Sideridis maryx

10275 Polia nimbosa

10276 Polia imbrifera

10280 Polia purpurissata

10288 Polia detracta

10292 Melanchra adjuncta

           Melanchra sp.

10293 Melanchra picta

10294 Melanchra pulverulenta

10295 Melanchra assimilis

10296 Lacanobia nevadae

10297 Lacanobia atlantica

10298 Lacanobia radix

10299 Lacanobia subjuncta

10300 Spirameter grandis

10301 Spirameter lutra

10302 Trichordestra rugosa

10303 Trichordestra tacoma

10304 Trichordestra legitima

10307 Trichordestra lilacina

10310 Papestra quadrata

10311 Papestra biren

10317 Hadena capsularis

10332 Anarta luteola

10368 Lacinipolia meditata

10370 Lacinipolia lustralis

10372 Lacinipolia anguina

10394 Lacinipolia vicina

10397 Lacinipolia renigera

10405 Lacinipolia lorea

10406 Lacinipolia olivacea

10414 Lacinipolia implicata

10431 Faronta diffusa

10434 Faronta rubripennis

10436 Aletia oxygala

10438 Pseudaletia unipuncta

10440 Leucania linita

10444 Leucania phragmatidicola

10445 Leucania linda

10446 Leucania multilinea

10446.1 Leucania lapidaria

10447 Leucania commoides

10449 Leucania insueta

10456 Leucania adjuta

10459 Leucania inermis

10461 Leucania ursula

10462 Leucania pseudargyria

10487 Orthosia rubescens

10488 Orthosia garmani

10490 Orthosia revicta

10491 Orthosia alurina

10493 Orthosia segregata

10495 Orthosia hibisci

10501 Crocigrapha normani

10502 Himella intractata

10513 Egira dolosa

10518 Achatia distincta

10520 Morrisonia evicta

10521 Morrisonia confusa

10291 Morrisonia latex

10524 Nephelodes minians

10530 Anhimella contrahens

10532 Homorthodes furfurata

10552 Protorthodes incincta

10563 Protorthodes oviduca

10567 Ulolonche culea

10569 Ulolonche modesta

10578 Pseudorthodes vecors

10585 Orthodes crenulata

10289 Orthodes goodelli

10290 Orthodes obscura

10597 Orthodes cynica

10627 Tricholita signata

10628 Tricholita notata

10641 Agrotis vetusta

10648 Agrotis gladiaria

10651 Agrotis venerabilis

10658 Agrotis stigmosa

10659 Agrotis volubilis

10660 Agrotis obliqua

10663 Agrotis ipsilon

10664 Agrotis subterranea

           Agrotis sp. [Possibly an aberration rather than a separate species] [@]

10670 Feltia jaculifera

10674 Feltia subgothica

10675 Feltia tricosa

10676 Feltia herilis

          Copabelepharon michiganensis Lafontaine [Previously considered a disjunct population of C. longipenne]

10694 Eucoptocnemis fimbriaris

10680 Trichosilia geniculata

10644 Trichosilia mollis

10702 Euxoa divergens

10703 Euxoa sinelinea

10705 Euxoa messoria [possibly two species under this name]

10714 Euxoa quebecensis [Examined, col. J. Parkinson]

10715 Euxoa scandens

10716 Euxoa aurulenta [Examined, col. L. A. Ferge]

10727 Euxoa pleuritica

10730 Euxoa lidia

10731 Euxoa auxiliaris

10738 Euxoa mimallonis

10753 Euxoa immixta

10755 Euxoa declarata

10780 Euxoa comosa

10793 Euxoa scholastica

10801 Euxoa ochrogaster

10803 Euxoa velleripennis

10805 Euxua tessellata (HLK thinks there may be multiple species going under this name)

10807 Euxoa albipennis

10812 Euxoa bostoniensis [Examined, col. D. Carlson] {MPM}

10813 Euxoa medialis

10817 Euxoa obeliscoides [Examined, col. J. Parkinson]

10831 Euxoa niveilinea

10838 Euxoa detersa

10851 Euxoa redimicula

10854 Euxoa servita

10861 Euxoa ridingsiana

10863 Euxoa manitobana

10865 Euxoa perpolita

10869 Loxagrotis grotei

          Mesembagrotis reliqua Laf. & Schweitzer

10878 Striacosta albicosta

10902 Euagrotis forbesi

10903 Euagrotis illapsa

10911 Anicla infecta

10915 Peridroma saucia

10924 Actebia fennica

10891 Ochropleura implecta

10917 Diarsia rubifera

10919 Diarsia jucunda

10921 Diarsia rosaria

10926 Spaelotis clandestina

10928 Graphiphora augur

10929 Eurois occulta

10930 Eurois astricta

10942 Xestia c-nigrum

10942.1 Xestia dolosa

10943 Xestia normaniana

10944 Xestia smithii

10947 Xestia oblata

10968 Xestia badicollis

10968.1 Xestia praevia [@]

10969 Xestia dilucida

10970 Xestia youngii

10988 Coenophila opacifrons

10955 Agnorisma badinodis

10954 Agnorisma bugrai

           Agnorisma sp. nr. bugrai? [Status uncertain] [@]

10950 Pseudohermonassa bicarnea

10951 Pseudohermonassa tenuicula

10992 Paradiarsia littoralis

10993.1 Hemipachnobia monochromatea

10994 Cerastis tenebrifera

10996 Cerastis salicarum

10997 Cerastis fishii

10999 Aplectoides condita

11000 Anaplectoides prasina

11001 Anaplectoides pressus

11004 Protolampra rufipectus

11006 Protolampra brunneicollis

11007 Eueretagrotis sigmoides

11008 Eueretagrotis perattenta

11009 Eueretagrotis attenta

11010 Lycophota phyllophora

11012 Cryptocala acadiensis

11012.1 Noctua pronuba

11029 Abagrotis alternata

11032 Abagrotis orbis [Examined, col. J. Barnes]

11043 Abagrotis cupida

11043.1 Abagrotis magnicupida

11044 Abagrotis brunneipennis

11045 Abagrotis anchocelioides

           Abagrotis sp.

11052 Ufeus plicatus

           Undet. Noctuinae sp.


Some other Lepidoptera Families


18 Sthenopis argenteomaculatus

19 Sthenopis purpurascens

20 Sthenopis quadriguttatus

21 Sthenopis thule

31 Hepialis gracilis


2693 Prionoxystus robiniae

2676 Acossus populi


2401 Atteva punctella


2420 Yponomeuta multipunctella



4624 Harrisina americana


4652 Tortricidia testacea

4653 Tortricidia pallida

4654 Tortricidia flexuosa

4657 Heterogenea shurtleffi

4659 Packardia geminata

4661 Packardia elegans

4665 Lithacodes fasciola

4667 Apoda y-inversum

4668 Apoda biguttata

4671 Prolimacodes badia

4677 Phobetron pithecium

4681 Isa textula

4685 Adoneta spinuloides

4697 Euclea delphini


6076 Thyris maculata

6077 Thyris sepulchralis




The following species have been reported in the literature as occurring in Wisconsin, but we have not examined any voucher specimens labeled as having been collected in Wisconsin. These records were obtained from the following sources: Forbes (1948), Covell (1970), Ebner (1970), Covell (1984), Scott (1986), Ferge and Balogh (2000), and Lafontaine (2004). We did not include some of the species names listed for WI in Covell (1970), such as Semiothisa granitata, because the correct application of these names was not understood until after the time of this publication. Many additional literature sources were examined for WI Lepidoptera records, but the remainder contained only some of the same species we list from our own surveys.



GEOMETRIDAE [27, but Lobocleta ossularia and Xanthorhoe algitata are probable errors]

6257 Leucobrephos brephoides Covell (1970)

6332 Semiothisa punctolineata Covell (1970)

6396 Semiothisa neptaria Ferge and Balogh (2000)

6399 Semiothisa subminiata Ferge and Balogh (2000)

6439 Hypomecis umbrosaria Covell (1970)

6711 Thysanopyga intractata Forbes (1948); type from WI

6831 Metarranthis apicaria Covell (1970)

6832 Metarranthis obfirmaria Covell (1970)

7094 Lobocleta ossularia Ferge and Balogh (2000); probably an error.

Note: A specimen determined as L. ossularia with data matching the flight information given in Ferge and Balogh (2000) is in HLK’s opinion a misdetermined Scopula inductata.

7102 Idaea bonifata Ferge and Balogh (2000)

7125 Idaea rotundopennata Ferge and Balogh (2000)

7166 Scopula frigidaria Ferge and Balogh (2000)

7187 Dysstroma truncata Ferge and Balogh (2000)

7199 Eulithis propulsata Ferge and Balogh (2000)

7217 Thera juniperata Ferge and Balogh (2000)

7313 Spargania luctuata Ferge and Balogh (2000)

7370 Xanthorhoe abrasaria Ferge and Balogh (2000)

7378 Xanthorhoe algidata Covell (1970); Ferge and Balogh (2000) report this is an error

7391 Xanthorhoe dentilinea Ferge and Balogh (2000)

7481 Eupithecia coloradensis Ferge and Balogh (2000)

7485 Eupithecia borealis Ferge and Balogh (2000)

7492 Eupithecia casloata Ferge and Balogh (2000)

7495 Eupithecia affinata Ferge and Balogh (2000)

7509.1 Eupithecia matheri Ferge and Balogh (2000)

7520 Eupithecia satyrata Ferge and Balogh (2000)

7524 Eupithecia cimicifugata Ferge and Balogh (2000)

7531 Eupithecia indistincta Covell (1970)


3904 Achalarus lycaeides Scott (1986)

3932 Staphylus hayhurstii   [J. Parkinson, pers. com.]

4050 Atrytone arogos (Scott 1986)

4184 Eurytides marcellus Ebner (1970)

4181 Papilio troilus Ebner (1970)

4207 Anthocharis midea Ebner (1970)

4231 Phoebis agarithe Scott (1986)

4335 Parrhasius m-album Ebner (1970)

4349 Erora laeta Scott (1986)

4431 Nymphalis californica Ebner (1970)

4554 Anaea andria Scott (1986)


7803 Sphinx vashti Ferge and Balogh (2000)

7837 Erinnyis obscura Ferge and Balogh (2000)

7865 Eumorpha fasciata Ferge and Balogh (2000)

7866 Eumorpha labruscae Ferge and Balogh (2000)


8087 Lycomorpha pholus Ferge and Balogh (2000)

8106 Utetheisa bella Ferge and Balogh (2000)

8304 Dasychira plagiata Ferge and Balogh (2000)

8341 Zanclognatha theralis Ferge and Balogh (2000), possibly a misdetermination of Z. deceptricalis?

8543 Eudocima maturna Ferge and Balogh (2000)

8545 Anomis erosa Ferge and Balogh (2000)

8713  Zale lunifera  Ferge and Balogh (2000)

Note:  8713 is not counted as an additional literature record.  Two species were going under the name lunifera, only one of which occurs in WI.  Schmidt (2010) elected to assign lunifera to the other species; Zale intenta is now the name for the WI species.

Phoberia orthosioides  Ferge & Balogh (2000)

Note:  This is not counted as an additional literature record.  Prior to Lafontaine et al. (2008), Phoberia ingenua was sometimes reported as P. orthosioides.

8751 Ptichodis bistrigata Ferge and Balogh (2000)

8762 Argyrostrotis quadrifilaris Covell (1984)

8804 Catocala mamorata Covell (1984)

8885 Argyrogramma verruca Ferge and Balogh (2000)

8928 Syngrapha selecta Ferge and Balogh (2000)

9088 Tarachidia virginalis Ferge and Balogh (2000)

11118 Schinia obscurata Ferge and Balogh (2000)

11141 Schinia thoreaui Ferge and Balogh (2000)

11179 Schinia tertia Ferge and Balogh (2000)

10099 Oncocnemis saundersiana Ferge and Balogh (2000)

10108 Oncocnmeis viriditincta Ferge and Balogh (2000)

10123 Oncocnmeis piffardi Ferge and Balogh (2000)

10154 Lepipolys perscripta Ferge and Balogh (2000)

9410 Oligia crytora Ferge and Balogh (2000)

9418 Oligia obtusa Ferge and Balogh (2000)

9463 Parapamea buffaloensis Forbes (1948)

9637  Magusa orbifera  Ferge and Balogh (2000)

Note: 9637 is not counted as an additional literature record.  Previously one Magusa species was thought to occur in North America.  Lafontaine et al. (2009) showed there are two, and the one that occurs in Wisconsin and most of the country is Magusa divaricata.

9999 Brachylomia discinigra Ferge and Balogh (2000)

10471 Stretchia plusiaeformis Ferge and Balogh (2000)

10689 Copableparon longipenne Ferge and Balogh (2000)

Note: 10689 is not counted as an additional literature record. The Lake Michigan sand dunes Copablepharon was formerly considered a disjunct population of C. longipenne, but Lafontaine (2004) elevated it to the status of a separate species, C. michiganensis.

10749 Euxoa intrita Ferge and Balogh (2000)

10909 Euagrotis tenuescens Ferge and Balogh (2000) & Lafontaine (2004)

11003 Chersotis juncta Ferge and Balogh (2000)


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