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Three Dimensional Lepidoptera Genitalia Photo Gallery


Genitalia image sets for selected dissection voucher specimens of Lepidoptera: Rhopalocera


Genitalia were dissected and images taken by Hugo L. Kons Jr.  Images were taken with the GT Vision imaging system {GT} at the American Entomological Institute or the Automontage imaging system {AM} at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Entomology.  All structures are the natural three dimensional shape (not slide mounted) except for the juxta/anellus and abdominal cuticle (temporarily slide mounted for imaging). 




E baptisiae 2388 vesica lu 1E lucilius 2387 vesica lu 1

Erynnis baptisae versus Erynnis lucilius


Erynnis baptisiae [Dissection No.: HLK:2426]



E  juvenalis capsule LL

Erynnis juvenalis


Thorybes pylades 52 phallus VE lu 1Thorybes confusis 51 phallus VE ab 1

Thorybes pylades versus Thorybes confusis


Thorybes pylades [Dissection No.: HLK:2441]


Thorybes confusis [Dissection No.: HLK:2440]



Pyrgus communis capsule LR

Pyrgus communis




S calanus 2385 vesica lu 1S caryaevorum 2384 vesica lu 1

Satyrium calanus versus Satyrium caryaevorum




C janais 2386 capsule ventral b

Chlosyne janais








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