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Three Dimensional Lepidoptera Genitalia Photo Gallery


Genitalia image sets for selected dissection voucher specimens of Notodontidae


Genitalia were dissected and images taken by Hugo L. Kons Jr.  Images were taken with a GT Vision imaging system {GT} or Automontage imaging system {AM}.  All structures are the natural three dimensional shape (not slide mounted) except for the juxta/anellus and abdominal cuticle (temporarily slide mounted for imaging). 


3436 Heterocampa varia - CopyH varia capsule ventral

Heterocampa varia


1674 Heterocampa new species - CopyHeterocampa n sp 1679 capsule LL

Heterocampa near obliqua


3749 Diduga argentilinea - CopyDidugua 591 capsule ventral 2 slanted forward

Didugua argentilinea


"Litodonta" New Species









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