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Photo Galleries: Three Dimensional Lepidoptera Genitalia Photo Gallery: Notodontidae


Male genitalia images for dissection voucher specimen 2009HLK:591 of Didugua argentilinea (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae)


Hugo Kons Jr.


Genitalia were dissected and images taken by Hugo L. Kons Jr. with a GT Vision imaging system.  All structures are the natural three dimensional shape (not slide mounted) except for the abdominal cuticle (temporarily slide mounted for imaging). 









Capsule (ventral with hairs)


Capsule (ventral)



Capsule (dorsal)



Capsule (lateral with hairs and scales)


Capsule (lateral)


Valvae (inner)



Valvae (outer)



Juxta & Anellus (ventral)


Juxta & Anellus (dorsal)


Juxta & Anellus (lateral)



Juxta & Anellus (posterior)




Uncus, Tegumen, and Vinculum (lateral)


Uncus, Tegumen, and Vinculum (ventral)


Uncus and Tegumen (ventral)


Uncus (posterior)



Uncus (anterior)





Phallus with vesica everted



Vesica (with hood above)


Vesica (lateral, with hood on bottom)



Vesica (with hood below)



Vesica (lateral, with hood on top)


Vesica (anterior side)



Abdominal Tergites (excluding terminal segment)



Abdominal Sternites (excluding terminal segment)



Abdomen terminal segment (tergite on right, sternite on left)