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Genitalia image sets for selected dissection voucher specimens of Catocala (Noctuidae: Erebinae)


Genitalia were dissected and images taken by Hugo L. Kons Jr.  Images were taken with the GT Vision imaging system {GT} at the American Entomological Institute or the Automontage imaging system {AM} at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Entomology.  All structures are the natural three dimensional shape (not slide mounted) except for the juxta/anellus and abdominal cuticle (temporarily slide mounted for imaging). 


Catocala aestivalia

Catocala aestivalia HT

Supplemental Plates for Catocala aestivalia description



Catocala aholibah

Catocala aholibah {GT} [Dissection No.: 2011HLK:1564]; pdf



Catocala formosana

IMG_0725 - Copy - Copy

Catocala formosana ♂ {AM} [Dissection No.: HLK:2396]


Catocala gansan

C gansan 2125 a adult - Copy

Catocala gansan ♂ {GT} [Dissection No.: 2015HLK:2125]; pdf



Catocala myristica

Catocala myristica

Supplemental Plates for Catocala myristica description



Catocala naganoi

IMG_6175 - Copy - Copy

Catocala naganoi ♂ {GT} [Dissection No.: HLK:2249]



Catocala naumanni

aaa 20161224a-1bss naumanni Katsumi genitalia pic

Catocala naumanni ♂ {AM} [Dissection No.: HLK:2416]




Catocala optima

Catocala optima 2009

Supplemental Plates for Catocala toropovi description (includes C. optima)



Catocala remissa

Catocala remissa 1742

Catocala remissa ♂ {GT} [Dissection No.: 2013HLK:1742]; pdf



Catocala repudiata

Catocala repudiata 1733

Supplemental Plates for Catocala toropovi description (includes C. repudiata)



Catocala sappho

Catocala sappho {GT} [Dissection No.: 2011HLK:1558]; pdf



Catocala solntsevi

IMG_6165 - Copy - Copy

Catocala solntsevi ♂ {GT} [Dissection No.: HLK:2247]




Catocala toropovi

Catocala toropovi 2007

Supplemental Plates for Catocala toropovi description