Lepidoptera Biodiversity LLC


Founded June 2006


Hugo L. Kons Jr. & Robert J. Borth



MISSION STATEMENT:  The mission of Lepidoptera Biodiversity LLC is to conduct and publish research which increases the scientific understanding of Lepidoptera and natural habitats, and which improves the potential for their preservation.




            Lepidoptera Biodiversity LLC is a private research institution active in a variety of avenues of Lepidoptera research, including biodiversity inventories and studies of Lepidoptera evolution, taxonomy, three dimensional morphological imagery, molecular genetics, distribution, habitat dependency, phenology, ecology, and conservation.  Our current focus is a phylogenetic study and revision of the Catocala (Noctuidae) integrating morphology and mitochondrial DNA.  We are collaborating with Larry Gall and David Hawks on the MONA fascicle for Catocala, and are working on a series of publications that will provide high quality images of adults and genitalia of all known Nearctic taxa and as many old world taxa as possible.  We also publish the North American Journal of Lepidoptera Biodiversity, a scientific journal specializing in monographs or series of papers presenting Lepidoptera biodiversity inventory data and analysis for sites in North America.  Furthermore, we maintain a web site with a variety of different resources for those interested in Lepidoptera.


Note:  We have established our scientific research institution as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) because we are involved in the sale of scientific journals.  Please note we are NOT involved in the commercial sale of insect specimens.  All of our specimens are collected for noncommercial scientific purposes.
































































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