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GT Vision Insect Photo Gallery: Lepidoptera: Noctuoidea: Herminiinae


Eastern North American Zanclognatha Images (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae: Herminiinae)


Hugo L. Kons Jr. 


Version 2019.1 (last update January 2019)


Photos were taken with a GT Vision imaging system.


New photos have been added taken with a Cannon Powershot digital camera.  These are designated {CPS}.




website statisticsZanclognatha lituralis (8340) [Canadian-Lower Austral Life Zones]

3875 Zanclognatha lituralis

3947 Zanclognatha lituralis

Zanclognatha 9 Jul 02 630

Zanclognatha lituralis 2272







Zanclognatha near lituralis [Upper-Lower Austral Life Zones where sympatric with above]

3270 Zanclognatha near lituralis

3846 Zanclognatha nr lituralis

3847 Zanclognatha nr lituralis

3171 Zanclognatha near lituralis

Zanclognatha near lituralis


Zanclognatha theralis (8341) [Canadian Life Zone of eastern Canada]


            {No photos-not represented in Kons-Borth collections}


Zanclognatha deceptricalis [Canadian Life Zone]

Zanclognatha deceptricalis 1478


Zanclognatha gypsalis (8342) [Canadian Life Zone, including Appalachians]

3201 Zanclognatha theralis

Zanclognatha theralis 1481


Zanclognatha species 1 [Bastrop Lost Pines Ecoregion of Central Texas]

3843 Zanclognatha  sp 1

3844 Zanclognatha sp 1

3845 Zanclognatha sp 1


Zanclognatha minoralis (8343)


          {No photos-not represented in Kons/Borth collections}


Zanclognatha near minoralis species 1 [Lower Austral Life Zone, FL-East TX]

3160 Zanclognatha

3165 Zanclognatha minoralis complex species 3

3166 Zanclognatha minoralis complex species 3

3167 Zanclognatha minoralis complex species 3

3168 Zanclognatha minoralis complex species 3

3169 Zanclognatha minoralis species 3

3170 Zanclognatha minoralis species 1

3209 Zanclognatha minoralis sp 3

3848 Zanclognatha minoralis sp 1

3849 Zanclognatha minoralis sp 1

Zanclognatha minoralis complex species 1 1651

Zanclognatha minoralis complex

Zanclognatha minoralis sp 1 2306



Zanclognatha near minoralis species 2 [Lower Austral Life Zone]

3159 Zanclognatha minoralis species 2

3162 Zanclognatha minoralis species 2

3163 Zanclognatha minoralis species 2

3851 Zanclognatha minoralis sp 2

3852 Zanclognatha minoralis sp 2

Zanclognatha minoralis species 2 1637

3161 Zanclognatha

Zanclognatha minoralis sp 2 2312


Zanclognatha inconspicualis complex (8344)

[Canadian-Upper Austral Life Zones, including Appalachians]

Zanclognatha deceptricalis 1479

Zanclognatha deceptricalis 22 July 1994




WI Door County: 19 August 2017, H. Kons Jr.


Zanclognatha inconspicualis (8344) or species near [Ozark Mountains]

Zanclognatha nr theralis 14 Jun 02


Zanclognatha laevigata (8345) [Canadian-Upper Austral Life Zones]

WI Outagamie County: Appleton: 10 July 2018, H. Kons Jr.


WI Outagamie County: Appleton: 7 July 2018, H. Kons Jr.



Zanclognatha atrilineella (8346) [Lower Austral Life Zone]

3237 Zanclognatha atrilineella


Zanclognatha obscuripennis complex (8347) [Upper-Lower Austral Life Zone]

3232 Zanclognatha obscuripennis


Zanclognatha pedipilalis species A [Canadian-Transition Life Zones]



Zanclognatha pedipilalis species B [Upper Austral Life Zone]

Zanclognatha pedipilalis



Zanclognatha protumnusalis complex [Canadian-Lower Austral Life Zones]


These larger, greyer phenotypes occur in the Lower Austral Life Zone.

1699 Zanclognatha protumnusalis 1699

1700 Zanclognatha protumnusalis 1700

3173 Zanclognatha protumnusalis

Zanclognatha protumnusalis 1699

Zanclognatha protumnusalis 1700

Zanclognatha protumnusalis 2277


These smaller, browner phenotypes of the Canadian and Transition Zones are good matches

to the holotype.





WI Outagamie County: Appleton: 18 July 2016, H. Kons Jr. {CPS}



Zanclognatha dentata (="near protumnusalis" of previous Kons-Borth checklists)

[Canadian-Upper Austral Life Zones]

3912 Zanclognatha nr protumnusalis

3913 Zanclognatha nr protumnusalis


WI Door County: 19 August 2017, H. Kons Jr. {CPS}



Zanclognatha martha [Transition-Lower Austral Life Zones]

Zanclognatha martha 27 Mat 08 RDT

Zanclognatha martha 1514




Zanclognatha cruralis species A [Canadian-Transition Life Zones]






Zanclognatha cruralis species B [Upper-Lower Austral Life Zones]

Zanclognatha cruralis B 8 May 07 BVL


Zanclognatha marcidilinea (formerly known as jacchusalis) [Canadian-Lower Austral Life Zones]

3835 Zanclognatha jacchusalis


Zanclognatha ochreipennis [Canadian-Upper Austral Life Zones]

Zanclognatha ochreipennis 6 Jul 08 KC