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Genitalia Images of Voucher Specimens from Splinter Hill Bog Preserve



Kons, Hugo L. Jr., Robert J. Borth, James T. Vargo, Lance A. Durden, & Jeffrey R. Slotten.  2017.  A Lepidoptera Biodiversity Blitz at the Nature Conservancy's Splinter Hill Bog Preserve in Baldwin County, Alabama.  Southern Lepidopterists' News 39(2): 93-143.


Note: A more detailed set of genitalia images for a different specimen of this species (from a pitcher plant bog in the Apalachicola National Forest in Liberty County, Florida) is available here.  Apparently the ventral most diverticulum is variable in this species with respect to how broad or narrow it is.


Genitalia image set for Doryodes bistrialis [Dissection Number HLK:2308]


Genitalia were dissected and images taken by Hugo L. Kons Jr. with the the Automontage imaging system at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Entomology.  All structures are the natural three dimensional shape (not slide mounted). 






Valvae (Inner)











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