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Photos of Lepidoptera from Suburban Appleton (Outagamie County, WI)


Hugo L. Kons Jr.



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            Photos were taken by the author in a suburban yard on West Summer Street in Appleton, WI (Outagamie County) (Google Earth figures).  The habitat includes a variety of trees, gardens, and lawns.  The closest forested habitat is along the Fox River about 1.2 miles to the south (mesic to hydric hardwoods).  Fields, mesic to hydric hardwood forest, and prairie planting occur just over 2 miles to the west.  Forested and open wetlands occur just over 3 miles to the northwest.  Xeric uplands do not occur in the vicinity.


While some of the photos shown are of live specimens, at least one voucher specimen of each species was collected on each date recorded.  Many of the live specimen photos are the same individuals as the voucher specimens collected after the photo was taken.  Some of the identifications are based on genitalic dissection or other characters not visible in the live photos.  All specimens/live photos are from the suburban Appleton yard unless otherwise noted.  Data or data labels appear under each photo. 


Photos taken from July 2016-August 2018 were taken with a Cannon PowerShot SX50 HS camera, whereas those taken from September 2018 to the present were taken with a Cannon PowerShot SX60 HS.


October 2016











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